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Understanding sexual anorexia

To compare sexual anorexia to sexual addiction: when somebody addicted to sex has an episode, and acts out, they may go on a bender. Comparatively, when somebody struggling with sexual anorexia has an “episode,” they starve themselves of intimacy, and feel as though they unworthy of love or affection. They also fear rejection, avoiding specific situations.

1. Sexual anorexia may be the result of previous sexual abuse. While this may not be true for all cases of sexual anorexia, it is a cause for some. The violation carries on throughout the rest of their lives and creates this feeling of isolation from all other intimate partners. The thought of physical touch frightens these people because they fear it may trigger the past experience with sexual abuse.

2. Many people suffer from sexual anorexia because of a form of body dysmorphia, where they feel self-conscious about their body. However, it is important to note that body dysmorphia is just the common feeling of being uncomfortable with the way your body looks. It goes much deeper than that. Body dysmorphia is a severe disorder. Someone isolates themselves from various social interactions because they obsess over a specific feature of their body, and how it may be perceived by other people.

They feel as though their thighs are “fat.” In reality their thighs are quite average, or even rather small. Their perception of their body is different from the way the public views their body. This develops into a thought that constantly cycles through their minds.

3. Possible causes of sexual anorexia.

– Sexual abuse

– Hormone imbalance

– Medication reaction

– Childbirth

– Depression

– Power struggles in relationships

– Strict upbringing

– Communication problems

– High viewing of pornography

A study was conducted with 28,000 Italian men. It concluded men who viewed high amounts of pornography at a young age became de-sensitized to it and uninterested in real-life sexual situations.

4. One can experience sexual anorexia in the middle of a long-term relationship.They make attempts to avoid any romantic connection with their partner, because they do not want to be intimate. Once again, it is important to be patient with your partner. Understanding this is the result of something that happened in their lives, either recently or in their childhood, is the first step in helping them overcome sexual anorexia.

It is also important to note some individuals may cycle between sexual addiction and sexual anorexia, depending on their circumstances. It does not have to be one or the other.

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