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Unknown Facts of Area 51

The common name of The United States Air Force Facility is known as Area 51, it is a fairly remote area within Nevada Test and Training Range. Interestingly, the other names for Area 51 are Homey Airport and Groom Lake but Area 51 is commonly used by CIA since Vietnam War. This place is complete NO-NO for the public eye.

Area 51

But there is more than the Air force Base and it is the ALIENS PART. Some theorist says that this is the storehouse of the alien ships and spacecrafts. These alien spacecrafts have been crashed long ago or some crashed  now also but the common public is not aware of these facts.

Area 51, is biggest intrigue to the world as the secrecy that is kept around the base, the base is used for the missile testing and aircraft testing but why these developments kept secret by the United States government is the real question. The fall of the Alien spaceship which fell in Roswell, Mexico- 1947, the scientists in the Area 51 used the reverse engineering on the UFO to get their technology but there is no proof or evidence that they are using this technology.

Area 51
(Pic Source – Science – How Stuff Works)

Polar view of Area 51

Some say, Area 51 is the dump ground for the toxic waste and it has been there for around 20 years.

But what about those mysterious light in the night after the close patrolling of the heavily armed guards, the flickering of lights in the sky which attars most of theorists.

(Pic Source - Metro)
(Pic Source – Metro) The image is not clear.

There are few programmes that are conducted in the Area 51:

  1. The U-2 Programme at the Groom Lake

During World war- II it was used for the both bombing practice and artillery and it acted like the base for the U-2 project. This area was abandoned after 1955.

The U-2 Programme at the Groom Lake
(Pic Source-Fine Art America)
  1. OXCART Project

Lockheed set up a secret base for the development of U2 Spy planes and later he developed a investigator aircraft which was later known as Blackbird. The complete name of the aircraft is Lockheed SR-71,”Blackbird”. During the OXCART project; it developed a Mach3 Aircraft which was part of the project. This airspace around the area 51 or Lake Groom was closed in 1962.

OXCART Project
(Pic Source – Pintrest )
  1. F- 117 Program

In the year 1977, the Lockheed developed several prototypes of this plane and in the next four year the development of F-117 stealth planes were there.

F- 117 Program
(Pic Source – FailHeap Challenge)

Later expansion of the base

The base was expanded by the US Government and it was made sure no visual access was there , it happened in 1995 and the area was restricted area was increased. This area is not for the public access as this was ensured to give the full proof security to the base and it was guarded by the sub contractual guards, which patrol this place, 24×7, these guards are armed by M-16s and have SUVs. One cannot get close to Area 51 as the base is said to be buried with the metal detectors deep in earth, which alerts the security , the moment any trespassers tries to step in.

Some of the controversies that surround this mysterious area are:

  • The Government is developing means to control weather.
  • The storage and reverse engineering used by the scientists on the UFO spaceships.
  • Extra terrestrial are working in area 51 but no proof for these.
  • Bio-genetic research to develop advanced alien-human hybrids.
  • Mutants are made and underground railways across the earth which will connect every continent.

There is no evidence for the controversies but still the minds always gets puzzle when we see the fences of Area 51 and one thinks WHAT IS BEHIND THE FENCES.

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