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Vijaya Mallaya Arrested in London

Business magnate Vijay Mallya is arrested finally in London, it was confirmed by the Scotland Yard police today. He will be appearing in the Westminster Magistrates Courts.

It is a sign of relief to Indian government and the news is confirmed by Scotland Police. In the morning, they issued a statement saying that a man is arrested on an extradition warrant and he is on the accusations of the Indian authorities on the case of fraud.

(Pic Source : The hindu)
(Pic Source : The hindu)

In this wake, Indian government has issued a non bailable warrant against Mr Mallaya for Rs. 720 crore, IDBI loan default case. He defunct Kingfisher Airlines and owes more than Rs 9,000 crore and fled India on 2 March, 2016.

Moreover, Mallya calls himself a wilful defaulter, that includes State Bank of India, offered him the initial settlement of Rs.4000 crore , out of the total dues of Rs.9000 crores.

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