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Watch : United Airlines Passenger Violently Dragged

Several videos taken by the passengers which shows that a man is violently dragged by the guards after selecting him for the flight.

This is bizarre, a single word that word that comes to my mind is horrendous  and bizarre. In one of the incident of its kind, at the Chicago O’Hare airport, when a man is violently dragged by the guards after he was selected for the flight. This video is captured by the several fellow passengers.

Here, we are posting the video posted by Audra Bridges to Facebook and in the video, guards can be seen aggressively grabbing and then dragging the passenger, the flight was bound for Louisville, Kentucky. Fellow passengers can be seen and shouting saying, ‘Oh my God’ and ‘Look at what you have done to him’.

The airline said in the statement that airline was overbooked and no passengers were giving up seat volunteeringly and then we have to choose four passengers and one passenger was not agreeing to leave his seat.

Officials then requested the assistance of law enforcement and then the man was forcibly removed.

Passengers in the flight reported that passengers was back on the plane and face was bloodshot and looking confused.

According to officials, the person was a doctor and he was due for his shift in the hospital.

But rights of the United airlines includes that it reserves  the right to remove the passenger, ‘if they fail to comply or interfere with the duties of the members of the flight crew.’

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