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Well Endowed Women: The Biggest Ups

1. Clothes look amazing on you. Except for any clothes with buttons. But besides those little buggers, you fill out a sweater like nobody’s business. Your breasts take the most boring little black dress and make it go va-va-voom!

There is nothing sexier than a woman with curves, and you’ve got ’em from here to eternity.

2. Guys love ’em–Girls, too! Who doesn’t love boobs? Big, small, firm, squishy. All boobs are there to love. Especially the big ones. They make for some seriously sensual lovemaking. They also provide good pillows for masturbating your man with.

3. You can use your boobs for unconventional things. Want to hold money, your jewellery, or a bottle of Pringles without using your hands? Lucky for you, you are one of the well endowed women who can get away with using your awesome boobs for unconventional uses.

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