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Western Dresses for Women

Every country has its own dress codes for different cultures and most of the times ladies are puzzled about what to wear. But in our country India is best known for the colorful and unique dresses. Nowadays, Western dresses are the symbol of elegance as they come in the wide range of designs and styles. Western dresses provides many styles and trends for women like- Gowns, Tube dress, short skirts, Wrap dresses, Cape dresses, sheath dresses, Pencil dresses, Lace- up detail dresses, Off shoulder dresses..

So, here we discuss some of the western dresses for becoming the Center of Attraction in the party:

  • Gowns: Gowns are becoming the most famous dresses among the western clothes. Gowns come in different styles and patterns like- #Wedding Gown #Ball Gown #A-line Gown
(Pic Source-wallpapersafari )
(Pic Source – wedding3 )
  • Tube Dresses: These are the dresses which do not have sleeves or straps and fit at your bust going straight down like a tube. It is best suited for the occasions like: Weddings, Cocktails Parties. 
Tube Dresses
(Pic Source: Dress blog)
  • Short Skirts: The short skirt dresses looks best on teens and young women, especially on those girls with  shapely figure. 
Short Skirts
(Pic Source: Paki styles)
  • Wrap Dresses: The wrap dress is the perfect style for every shape, and it provide classic curves and it’s dress with a front closure formed by wrapping one side across the other.
Wrap Dresses
(Pic Source – youtube )
  • Cape Dresses: Cape dresses are the dresses which are worn by the conservative women in the olden times but now it has become a style statement.

    Cape Dresses
    (Pic Source – Pintrest )
  • Sheath Dresses: These dresses are very versatile and classic, sheath dresses are very famous for highlighting curves, and it also flatter around the knees and lower-thigh.
Sheath Dresses
(Pic Source – Allexpress.com)
  • Pencil Dresses: Pencil dress is the extended version of pencil skirt. These dresses are well structured and fitted and best suited for women who have slim, slender yet a little curvy figure. 
Pencil Dresses
(Pic Source : Pinterest)
  • Off Shoulder Dress: These dresses are available in different styles and colors and can be used by anyone either by someone with slim and toned body or by someone with a bit heavier body.
Off Shoulder Dress
(Pic Source-LooksGud.in)
  • Hooded dress: Fashionable, casual and figure hugging dress is called hooded dress. The cuts and the pattern of the dress give a hot look. Be the centre of attraction wearing this dress..
Hooded dress
(Pic Source-AliExpress.com)

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