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What Boys Notice in Girls!

If you think that only girl’s pay attention on little things so this article will prove you wrong because boys too do the same, may be they don’t put it in the conversation. Instead theyconstantly eye on girls do girls and make instant judgements with noticing them from top to bottom?  For sure, now you might be  curious to know what boys notice in girls, so let’s look on the  points what actually boys notice first about girls..

Know the things What Boys Notice in Girls :

  1. Girls Eyes.

As we all know guys are too talkative, they usually say to the girls that their eyes are the windows of the soul and usually when we meet someone we look straight into eyes so, somewhere it is true fact too as our love lives there.


  1. Smile

Smile is the thing which directly shows that you are joyful and jolly nature, guys notice this mostly because this shows what kind of person you are too. A sweet smile can broke million hearts and at the same time mend too.


  1. Clothes

What you wear, say a lot about you and your persona. Boys always notices that what kind of apparels girl is wearing or following. There is a tip for all girls! When you are going for a date don’t forget to wear a trendy dress but be yourself.


  1. Hairs

In today’s fashion, everyone wants to look perfect and more beautiful from other, for that they do many things and one thing comes on priority is their hairs. According to today thinking! If a girl takes care of their hairs, the chances are that they take care of everything else too.


  1. Makeup

Everyone knows makeup is the part of a girl life. For any occasion girl is always ready to do it too and reason behind this is only to look beautiful. In short, makeup is another most noticed thing by boys.


In today’s fast moving life, everyone is open minded and straight forward too. Even girls also try to get attention as well as beautiful compliments by the boys and for which they follows all above points also always tries to impress boys.

What boys notice in a girl are all that things which a boy can see from their eyes, they notice what they see! But the real thing is that they never can judge the book from its cover.

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  1. impressive👌…..Mohit grover lot knew about girls…said correct things yet last line my fav..nd true can’t judge a book from its cover

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