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What does it mean to be gray asexual?

If you are not yet aware, most people nowadays believe that gender is not a box to be ticked, but a spectrum of different preferences and identities. Rather than saying that there are X kinds of sexual orientations, we say that there are different types of people who have different preferences.

Still, there are times when one needs to label their sexual predisposition in order to discover their identity. In a simple world, there are two types of sexual predispositions: sexual and asexual. However, there is one more that needs more recognition because they’re not built for any of those two groups.

They have their own sense of identification and they choose to call themselves “gray asexual.” This term refers to the gray area between feeling and not feeling sexual attraction.

Before you can understand what that means, let’s take a look at what being asexual means. Asexual people generally feel little to no sexual attraction for other people. When they finally do feel sexually attracted to someone or something, it’s either a passing feeling or one that doesn’t incite any physical reactions.

When it comes to gray asexuality, however, people who identify with this label tend to border between feeling sexual attraction to others and returning to their asexual tendencies. Here are some of their identifiers:

– They feel sexual attraction, but not as often as sexual people.

– They don’t feel like acting on their sexual attraction.

– They are confused about their feelings of sexual attraction.

– They don’t feel that sexuality is a meaningful concept.

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