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What happens when gray asexuals refuse to have sex?

If a sexual person chooses to date someone who is asexual or gray-sexual, they need to understand that sex may not ever be on the table. If that is the case, they’ll have to accept that or discuss an arrangement that might work. Some people are willing to be polyamorous these days, so that may be a solution.

The most important thing to remember is that YOU SHOULD NEVER FORCE THEMDo not guilt them. Do not coerce them. Do not emotionally blackmail them. They may be toeing the line between asexuality and sexuality, but the choice of sleeping with another person still falls on them.

The same goes for gray asexuals who want their sexual partner to give up sex altogether. The choice has to be made by their sexual partner. Some sexual people are capable of giving up their sex life, but gray-sexual partners must allow them to make their own choice.

Some gray asexual people will prefer dating asexual or gray asexual people as well, since it gives them the freedom to not have to compromise when it comes to sex. Whichever path a person chooses, there needs to be communication of needs and limits.

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