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What is Zika Virus, South Florida Officials Lay Out Plan

As the rainy season is approaching US, the danger of Zika virus is there. The mosquito breeding ground is perfect for the breeding of Zika virus.

zika virus
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In this Governor Rick Scott has said residents have to be aware and to take the necessary precautions for the mosquitoes and particularly Zika virus.

Zika virus mosquito
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It is that Florida is all set to embrace the rainy season and the officials are setting up the efforts to control it. U.S. Centre of Disease Control on Friday released the funds.

There is a roundtable community meeting in Miami, which urged the same and also issued the guidelines for the same.

 Zika virus map

Local mosquitoes Zika virus is transmission has been reported in the United States Continent and CDC has issued the guidelines for the people travelling to Florida for the Zika virus.

Guidelines include

Zika cautionary area (Yellow area)

A geographical area has been identified, but the evidence is lacking that the intensity of transmission is compared to the red area.

Threat to pregnant women and they should postpone travel to all parts of the Miami – Dade County.

As the Zika virus babies (babies born with the infected Zika virus) develops a smaller heads after certain period of time and the infection spreads.

babies born with the infected Zika virus
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Few of the symptoms of the Zika virus are:

  • Some of the early symptoms of the Zika virus are bloodshot eyes, headache and running fever.
  • Pain in the back of the eyes, joints and muscles are main symptoms of zika virus.
  • Eye redness is visible.
  • Skin rashes is evident along with the vomiting.
  • However, Zika virus is secularly transmitted and can have serious birth defects when contracted with the pregnant women.

Precautions for the Zika virus

  • Protective clothing for Zika virus.
  • Use of bug repellant.
  • No standing water.
  • For more awareness, ‘Fight the bite’ is also currently running.

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