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What to do when a guy stops texting you

1. Cool off. Before doing anything, just relax. When you first realize you’ve been ghosted you feel bad, maybe even pissed off. You want to go off on him. But before giving yourself the crazy girl label, try to cool off.

Take your mind off of him. Even if you have been texting nonstop and got used to hearing from him and even shared some personal things, he stopped texting you, so take some time to regroup before doing something dramatic.

2. Vent to a friend. This is something you can do whether you are cooled off or not. You can be pissed off or upset or frustrated. Get it all out. You can trash talk him to your heart’s content. Just be sure you are talking to a trusted friend and not someone who will spread gossip.

Talking to a friend will also remind you how amazing you are. Instead of being down on yourself, your friend will perk you up and remind you that you deserve better than this jerk.

3. Be sad. Getting over texting a crush can be hard. You want to mourn the loss, but you were never really dating, so it feels like you can’t. Well, you can. Go ahead and cry and drown yourself in mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Just don’t let this go on for too long. He is not worth your time, energy, or tears.

4. Distract yourself. Instead of trying your hardest not to text him, avoid your phone all together. Do something to keep yourself busy so your mind isn’t revolving around him. Try a DIY you’ve been wanting to do. Go check out a sale at the mall, go to the gym, or get some work done that you’ve been putting off.

Before you know it, you will forget all about this jerk.

5. Live your best life. Go out with your friends and be happy. You might still have a little sting from his rejection or rather lack there of, but the best way to get over him is to own your confidence.

Go dancing, get dressed up, and feel great. Now I’m not saying to show off or depend on others to feel good, but posting a killer selfie and raking up the likes certainly won’t hurt. Plus it will show him you don’t need him and are doing just fine without him.

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