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What Type of Romantic Texts You Should Avoid

Romance is in the air. The month of love is making each day romantic and every where on earth is celebrating the month with full enthusiasm. Love is something that conquers the world and being a part of it is a blessing.

Proposal in this month is something very obvious. People who have some feeling for the other have great scope to express their feeling in the most romantic way possible. People choose various means of communication to communicate their message to the other. Some make it through direct saying, some through letters, emails, some through body language, some through texts and various other ways available. It is important to confess, than the way of communication. But in case you chose to do it through text this valentine month, please keep in mind to avoid some really cheesy and idiotic texts to the other. Doing so will help you make a bad impression on your partner. So, let’s take a ride.

  • When you are in love, you think of showering all your emotions at once. But the truth is that you are unable to write much in texts in the first instance. You end up writing ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ to your love interest. So, hold on. This is not the way to start. Hey or hi is considered is generic, dull and lazy type of word. This will really harm your approach and so, the best way is avoid these types of texts in the first date.
(Pic Source : Twitter)
(Pic Source : Twitter)
  • Cheesy texts should be avoided instantly. People really dislike cheesy texts at one go. Sometimes it is good, but at times these cheesy talks are just not working out. Keep a distance from such texts to make your relationship more friendly and comfortable. Girls find it cheap enough when they come across some texts like this.
(Pic Source : Linda Ikeji's Blog)
(Pic Source : Linda Ikeji’s Blog)
  • Romance is not about being too intimate. Try to come across such texts that come in your mind when you think of your partner. It always don’t go well enough. People sometimes find it below the mark when they receive such texts. So, try not to use such texts that are too intimate like describing the body parts, admiring the beauty, talking something uncomfortable and so on.
(Pic Source : Thought Catalog)
(Pic Source : Thought Catalog)
  • ‘I will die for you’ texts should be clearly avoided. These types of painful and sorrowful texts should be avoided as this brings in a sense of sympathy from your counterpart. No one dies for the other if you have a wide thought process. This is something that can give the impression that you are lying to your partner at once.
(Pic Source : Pinterest)
(Pic Source : Pinterest)
  • The next type of texts that should be avoided is being extra polite or extra concerned with his or her belongings. People who show too much formality or concern in their initial texts make an impression of being fake or too much interfering in the mind of the other person. So, just make sure your concern is not mistaken as interference.

So, this season of love should be as beautiful for you as you are. Keep your love alive with emotions and feelings and not with exposing it.

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