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What Your Bedroom tells about Your Personality

The coziest place in the world is none other than your bedroom. Bedroom is the place who knows you in and out. A bedroom speaks thousand words to you and is your constant companion with anything you go through in life.
Your bedroom speaks a lot about you and your personality. Making your bedroom your style statement which will depict your mind and thoughts is utmost important. How you can do this , by choosing the perfect décor for your bedroom to make it a much better and different place from how it looks now. Your bedroom should be a mirror of your thoughts to the whole world. Decorating your bedroom to reflect your personality is so easy and also fun-filled.

Just read below to get idea about how you can read a mind by peeping in someone’s bedroom.

Bed– Bed is the first thing that is noticed when someone enters your bedroom. You should have bed that is comfortable and at the same time elegant. The first impression of yourself comes from what type of bed you have. You should feel relaxed once you lay down on bed after a tiring day.

Pic Source - USAFurnitureWarehouse.Com
Pic Source – USAFurnitureWarehouse.Com

Bed Placing- This is also a crucial factor. The alignment of bed is a very important thing that is noticed by everyone. Place your bed in such a place where you can access your switch board and on the other hand you can have space for other things to be kept.

Pic Source - Houzz
Pic Source – Houzz

Lighting– The lighting of the room should be done with lot of care. Great lighting is the key to make your room look warm and particular. A good lighting helps in making your room get that extra vibrancy that catches many eyeballs.

Pic Source - parsimag.com
Pic Source – parsimag.com

Colour– Keep in mind to use such colours that will make your room look fresh and bigger than the normal size. Choose light and soothing colours for your bedroom. Its gives a better effect while relaxing and sleeping. Calm and smooth colours bring in that extra comfort ability to your place. Brighter colour means vibrance and lighter colour means soothing atmosphere.

Pic Source - Houzz
Pic Source – Houzz

Fix wallpaper– Keep in mind to fix wallpaper to the walls of your room according to the colour you have chosen for the room. This will give a new definition to your room and compliment your room in a more cozy way.

Pic Source - Online Education System
Pic Source – Online Education System

Books shelf– If you are a book lover, you should always keep in mind to have a bookshelf for you. Keep the bookshelf in such a position in your bedroom so that you can easily access it from your bed. It will help you to live comfortably and read something whenever you want to.

Pic Source - Rilane
Pic Source – Rilane

Wardrobe– Your wardrobe should be placed in such a way, so that you can take out your clothes and straight way go to your dressing place in no time. Wardrobe should be spacious, enough number of cabinets included and properly arranged. This will create a very good impression on others when they take a look at it.

Pic Source - Zastavki.com
Pic Source – Zastavki.com

Curtains– Match your curtains with the colour of your walls and your bed. Curtains play an important role in making your room look spacious, vibrant and fresh. Choose the design and colour of curtains with much consciousness.

Pic Source - WallpapersCraft
Pic Source – WallpapersCraft

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