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Why China is Building Biggest Solar Farm on Sea?

One can see a poster of Chinese President, Xi Jinping, on the Tibetan plateau and the entrance is heavily guarded. It is the entrance of the one of the most elaborate monuments on the Earth.

Behind the huge board which says, ‘Promote Green Development! Develop Green Energy’ is huge blue sea and the horizontal rows of spectacular snow capped mountains.

It has mile of silicon cell sheets which are tilted towards sky and the total area it is surrounding is 27 Kilometers.

The engineers working on it says, Yeah, It is a big farm ‘. He is working on the Longyangxia Dam Solar Farm Park and it is determination of China to fight with the evils of the climate change.

(Pic Source - 中外对话)
(Pic Source – 中外对话)

It is the Solar Energy Conservation Project and it is the biggest solar farm on the Earth.

(Pic Source – the guardian)
(Pic Source – the guardian)

The total cost to build is 6.4bn Yuan and it is almost constantly expanding since it was started to build.

(Pic Source – Nature World News)
(Pic Source – Nature World News)

Solar Farm has a capacity to produce 850MW of power, which can give power to 200,000 households.

This plant is also a photo voltaic evolution by the single country and one more thing which has to be kept in mind is that China is biggest polluter too.

Chinese say development of the clean energy is extremely important and this is what they are doing.

So, it is beginning of the pollution free era in China…

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