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Why do men get random boners?

1. Random arousing thoughts. Sometimes, a man’s mind does wander into deep, dark places. In your daily dose of musings, your memory might stumble upon the image of your crush wearing a skimpy bikini or a really good porn scene. These kinds of fleeting images easily trigger a boner at an inconvenient time if your imagination decides to take a naughty turn.

2. Testosterone fluctuations. As mentioned, testosterone is considered to be the “lubricating oil” that keeps the boner mechanism in tip-top shape. The man’s testes produce a fresh supply of testosterone daily. The old supply gets synthesized by the cells every day.

As a result, testosterone levels in the body fluctuate and vary at different times of the day. The peak of production usually happens when men are asleep while the body is in a relaxed state. This explains why men get morning boners after they wake up. So when men get a random boner, it is a sign that your testosterone level is at its peak for the day.

3. Penis accidentally gets contact in a “certain” way. The penis, especially the glans at its head, can be quite sensitive. After all, it is home to millions of nerve endings making it very sensitive to the touch. Some random erections can be the result of your penis rubbing into a surface such as the insides of your underwear or pants while you’re going about your day. Other times it could be the accidental brush of the hand. Once you realized the weird sensation, it’s already too late. Your boner is well on its way.

4. Involuntary control by the brain. As mentioned, the cerebral cortex is the one giving the go signal for the body to do an erection. There are instances when the cerebral cortex causes involuntary erections for stimuli not usually perceived as sexually arousing. This is still a mystery. Most researchers speculate that it is a way that the body exercises the penile muscles and the arousal response to keep it healthy and responsive.

5. Being relaxed, excited, or happy. This may come as a surprise, but these emotions may sometimes trigger an unexpected boner. The aforementioned emotions may sometimes bring a dose of happy hormones such as endorphins and bring your pants to life.

Don’t worry, random boners are a good sign!

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