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Why do Men hate Talking on the Phone?

You love speaking over the phone, but the man in your life can’t dream of doing the same.

So what is the real reason behind why men hate talking on the phone?

Most girls assume it’s because the guy doesn’t like her, but that’s almost always baloney.

Here’s the real reason behind why men hate talking on the phone.

Men are just not into phones

Most women have a problem trying to understand this part of men. But men in general, are not really into using phones for a long duration. Men like answering a lot of short calls more often.

It makes him feel a lot more important and busy. Real men especially love calls that go like “Hello …uh huh. Sure, meeting at twelve. Got that. Offer for a million bucks. Oh…kay. And where is the meeting? Cool. Thanks. See you there. Bye.” For a man, a thirty second call is the perfect definition of a good detailed long call.

Men lose their confidence

Men don’t have a problem conversing about nothing for hours on end face to face. But over the phone, any call that persists beyond a few minutes spells just one word. Panic.

Men like being in control, but once they find themselves whimpering in a corner with conversations that have no clear direction, they lose their composure. They just wouldn’t know what to say, and that makes everything feel ten times worse.

Now really, how much can a man say when you explain how shitty your day has been, especially when you elaborate on it for half an hour? All he can do is nod mechanically and hum an out-of-rhythm tune of ah-ha’s, uh-huh’s, and …erms. And after a while, a sore nodding neck and a restless mind can do more damage to him than a hectic day at his workplace.

Men are bored of your yakity-yak

So how much of your life could have changed in the past couple of hours? And what can we men chat with women on an hourly or less-than-hourly basis? I personally avoid the phone like the plague. Almost all conversations on the phone consist of repetitions of “Hey, what are you doing?” and little else.

What I figure, and what a lot of men figure, is that phones should only be used when you actually have something to say. Just because we don’t call every fifteen minutes doesn’t mean we don’t care.

A call every now and then to say “hey… what’s up!” may be sweet, but asking us to talk about something beyond that is pure nightmare! C’mon, how much of our life could change in fifteen minutes? Maybe a woman’s life is a lot more fascinating, but unfortunately, a man’s life has fewer exciting moments that need a phone conversation to calm him down.

Some like it shy

Yup, we do have men who fall into this category. There are quite a few men out there who may be suave and chatty with all their pals, but when it comes to a girl who’s a dating potential, all they probably do is mumble. It may sound awfully annoying to you when you find that he can actually chat for a while with his boy pals, but he gets his tongue tied over a phone call with you. But you know what, the fact of the matter remains that most men are shy to talk to women over the phone.

Real conversations over the phone (not just the back-and-forth “Hey, what’s up?” conversations) take a lot more work than communicating in real life. You have no face to look at, no body language to read. All you have is a voice.

A man can lose his confidence fast in these situations because phone conversations become entirely about what one says, rather than what one does. He may just be shy or worried that he’ll say the wrong thing and disappoint you or reveal his insecurity. And trust me, most men would rather come across as inconsiderate jerks than insecure losers.

He has better things to do

Are you surprised to hear this? Of course, a man has a lot of better things to do than just sit down and chat with a woman. Let’s take the problem by the horns here. When men talk, they talk about the matter at hand, even if they go into details or stretch the conversation.

On the other hand, when women talk, they tend to wander and spread out like a wide, meandering river. What starts off as plans to catch a movie may go into an all night sobbing marathon of broken hearts!

And if he isn’t on phone listening to you, there are a hundred, probably even a million other things he could do. He could dream about making money, meet new clients, relax, stare at the ceiling, shave, play games, watch funny youtube videos, watch porn, watch the lord of the rings, hit the gym, and a million other things.

There really are a lot of things he could rather do, to be quite frank. And these other things are stuff he has to do anyways. Talking over the phone with you would not only give him a headache, but also put him back on his other daily activities. Give your man peace, ladies. He needs it.

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