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Why do people have an issue with Milind Soman dating a younger woman?

In spite of being as busy as we all are, there is something that we always find time for–intruding into other people’s personal lives.
Thanks to social media, our newly conquered field of free expression, there are a lot of people out there who do not miss a single chance to assert their opinion about others. A popular breed among such people are the infamous trolls that have now populated the social-media platforms. Their favourite pass-time? Hunting people down, to teach them lessons on ”morality.”
Their common targets are celebrities of course, judging them for what they say, eat, wear or for the people they hang out with. A fresh target of this sport of trolling is Milind Soman.

How did it all start?
It all started when Milind Soman chose to fall in love with a girl, who is reportedly half his age. Hailing from Assam, Ankita Konwar is an air hostess. Perhaps, Milind could have saved himself the unnecessary botheration, had he not posted pictures of them together on social media.
But then, one realises that most of us do post pictures of ourselves with our friends and loved ones, and the actor did the same. And he has the same right to free expression on social media that we all do, right?
However, Milind’s open declaration of his love did not go down well with many people. A lot of them took to social media to shame the actor and supermodel, for dating such a young woman.

In all these years, Milind has had quite a number of relationships, with most of the women being much younger to him (including the ones with his ex-wife Mylene Jompanoi and Shahana Goswami). It is not just Milind who’s following a pattern–we all have our preferences in men and women, and we chart the ”type” of lover we want.
This time, the huge age-gap between the couple irked a lot of social-media users. Some accused him of being a paedophile, others joked about the stamina of the ”daddy,” at the age of 50.

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