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Why Guys Hate to Kiss

Kissing is one the first act of foreplay. Often the couple cuddles and then the intimation starts…Firstly, it is the kissing done then the play begins. But something’s are there in smooching that irritates guys a lot…

To See Why Guys Hate to Kiss go through the Slides.

(Pic Source - Youtube)
(Pic Source – Youtube)

Read those something’s..

Kissing is a talent:

 Indeed it is if you are beginners, you will face a tough time. It requires a skill to be a good kisser and often guys goof up while doing in public places.

(Pic Source - Youtube)
(Pic Source – Youtube)

Bad Breathe:

Biggest turn off for both guys and gals as the breath and you have to spend on chewing gums and mouth fresheners for turning off the bad breath.

(Pic Source - Youtube)
(Pic Source – Youtube)

Specs Geeks:

Both of you were wearing specs during kissing then your whole world will soon crumble. A complete geek – geek game, remove her specs but seductively and make her feel that she can see with your eyes. Hug her nicely and remove her specs and then kiss.

(Pic Source - Youtube)
(Pic Source – Youtube)

Accidental Kisses:

 You both are dancing and suddenly you decided to kiss her as she is looking hot to you but instead you smash on her face.. It is like fighting with the noses.

(Pic Source - Indonesiandancefestival)
(Pic Source – Indonesiandancefestival)

Chapped lips:

 Girls should apply lip balm generously before kissing otherwise guys will feel your lips as a rug.

(Pic Source - Themocracy)
(Pic Source – Themocracy)

Kissing too long:

Keep it short in the initial phase as it loses it sheen after 5 or 7 minutes and it is a turnoff.

(Pic Source- ilove-kissingyou.tumblr.com)
(Pic Source- ilove-kissingyou.tumblr.com)

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