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Why La La Land is must Watch for Every Professional?

La La Land landed in Oscars, with 14 nominations and is this phenomenal and an unforgettable story, which is with a twist for everyone. It is not same love story but it has a magic and romantic air and how people manage careers, along with love.

It is love story of two characters and how they love and work on their careers also side by side.

The movie has Sebastian, a musician and Mia, an actress; they want to make it big. Sebastian is working and unable to pay the bills and Mia is working at a Coffee Shop, and in between she also goes for the auditions.

(Pic Source : Hindu)
(Pic Source : Hindu)

“La La Land” is a wittier, romantic story and how couple deal their careers and relationships. It is modern kind of romantic escapade, where couple have career too apart from loving each other.

Love and ambition are different and attainment paths , more of people either want to stay single or get married but today’s world is an expensive world and how they are going to live like paying rent and buying stuff, so what’s their way of making money.

Their courtship is fun to watch.

Many young people wanted to do job, which they are passionate in and the girls wants to be the YouTube famous than a Princess. But as the economy is dipping and the unemployment is at the corner, Mia and Sebastian decides to write their own rules and create a Rule Book for that..

A love story about the couple and while pursuing dreams, they sacrificed love and bring up careers. Mia and Seb met again, this time situations are different, but both of them recalls each other. I don’t want to spill the beans; you watch and decide about the persuasions of the dreams.

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