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Why this Curvaceous Model is Latest Inspiration to whole Modelling World?

Plus size models are gaining more and more popularity in the world and the reason is the charm and the sensuality. They have their body and don’t really care to become more and more SKINNY.

  • Plus is not a Taboo in the world where it is reigned by the anorexic models from a long period of time .One such model is Ashley Graham.
(Pic Source - Fashion Gone Rogue)
(Pic Source – Fashion Gone Rogue)
  • She is an American plus size model and famous for her lingerie shoot with Lane Bryant..
(Pic Source - The Lingerie Addict)
(Pic Source – The Lingerie Addict)
  • Her hot figure is fantasy for all..
(Pic Source - Lingerie Talk)
(Pic Source – Lingerie Talk)
  • She is the America’s top model and also she made history in one thing as she was featured in the Sports Illustrated cover .You know,appearing of a plus size model on the Sports cover, it is not about the body its about the attitude that matters…
(Pic Source - Gotham Club)
(Pic Source – Gotham Club)
  • She is one of the reasons to smile in 2016 ..Ashley is proud of her body and Ashley is judge on ANTP, first time in the history of America that a judge is a plus size model.
(Pic Source - VH1)
(Pic Source – VH1)
  • Don’t feel shy to flaunt the curves..
(Pic Source - Extratv)
(Pic Source – Extratv)

In the end, we wish all the girls in the world who are trying die heart to look thin that you are AWESOME , the way you be .Curvy is not bad either so express yourself.

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