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Why You should Spend More Time with Your Parents?

Love your parents and treat them well because when once you will look in the house, they are not there for you as your parents are also growing old..
Today, I am social, umhhh to be very precise I am socially active on Internet but what about my parents, do I spend time with them ..
Lemme think, when I last had a cup of tea with them or went out for a movie, long back..
Reason why you should spend more time with your parents:

  • PARENTS: Do you need any more clarification as they are your bearer into this world and this is the reason you have to spend time with them.
(Pic Source - Big Think)
(Pic Source – Big Think)
  • Trouble Shooter: When in distress, parents are the only trouble shooters, in all there is stuff known as trouble shooting so our parents are there.
(Pic Source - washington.edu)
(Pic Source – washington.edu)
  • When whole world turns back: When whole world turns back to you, then you mom will support you like a guardian angel. You will sob she will wipe and when you will starve they will bring the best out of the world before you. Depression automatically goes away when you have a cozy hug from your mom.
(Pic Source - bell-lloc.org)
(Pic Source – bell-lloc.org)
  • No expectations: You know our parents expect nothing from us in return, the only thing they want from us to BE HAPPY always…
(Pic Source - gfgsa.com.au)
(Pic Source – gfgsa.com.au)
  • No Money, Go to Them: Running out of cash, hit to the best bank in the world Mom & Dad.
(Pic Source - kcstudio.org)
(Pic Source – kcstudio.org)
  • For all your secrets: All the girlie talks start with mom as she will never reveal it to anybody in the world as she knows you are her world.
(Pic Source - Blogical)
(Pic Source – Blogical)
  • By helping you to take important decisions in your life: When you are lost, they will help find the right way and give the right direction in life.
(Pic Source - verywell.com)
(Pic Source – verywell.com)

Parents are our backbone; they have seen us growing alone, from taking baby steps and falling to giant steps and leaping.

But now, when they are old we SHY away to take them mall or shopping, believe me our parents never need our money they just need is bit of TIME.

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