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Winters and Luscious Lips

Winter brings cold wave and also cracked heels and lips. Women spend a lot on cosmetics for skin and face but when it comes to lips they just neglect. Why?

We should pay proper attention to lips also. Some common tips to have luscious lips..

  1. Exfoliate: The key to have beautiful lips is to exfoliate them  daily. Use a baby brush and every morning do it daily. Don’t use any brush but only baby brush as it has soft bristles.


  1. Moisturize: Use lip balm every day  as it helps to soften and have a shine on it. Even when you go to sleep apply lip balm as it is basic care for chapped lips n also apply lip balm before lipstick. It will add shine n care both.the best lip balm have some kinda essential oil like Lavender , Peppermint or Jasmine


  1. Oil: It is also very good for lips. Be it any oil Vitamin E , Olive oil , coco butter , any oil is good but when you are using oil don’t apply lipstick.Blonde Frau cremt sich die Lippen an
  1. Pigmentation: if we think lips are not getting tanned then we are in a illusion as lips always get pigmented fast. So apply Sunscreen before going out in sun. A small recipe for luscious and soft lips is to apply easy pack honey and lemon, leave it for 10 minutes and clean. This will act as the anti tanning pack for you.
    With this tips you can have a soft and luscious lips whole winters. So, say BYE to all hassles of crack lips and celebrate winters.


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