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Woman get Hand Stuck in Toilet, Worst Day Ever for Her

Woman had a crappiest day, when her hand got stuck in toilet and her. Sounds weird, it happened with Gracie Henderson, who was shifting her home to New Caney. Her hand got stuck into glistening white flush and she has call fire authorities to get her hand out of the flush.

Previously, Gracie, when she moved to her new home, pipe got busted, her car got stuck and her brand new lawn mower stopped working.

It was not an end and she got that Royal misery of flush on April 12, when her hand got stuck in the flush and she had to call fire brigade to take it out.

It was a normal day and Gracie saw the commode clogged, so she decided to do with hand as she didn’t had plunger, so she strike her hand in the pot.

Ewww and what more, her hand got stuck in it, Emergency Medical Services were called up and she was rescued, the operation required to remove the flush from with the help of sledgehammer and  they have taken her to the ground.

She got new plunger as a donation by ‘Inside Edition’.

Apparently, Gracie has to buy new flush for her home as she told to Houston Chronicle.

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