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Women Safety Weapons and Tips

In any metro city in India, women are afraid to alone during night as the scare of unknown and as per the study rape is the fourth most common crime in India.

In this context, self-defense becomes extremely important for females. Keep at least one of these device handy in the time of need and wade off the evils in super easy way. You can carry this during your travels, office, college and late night parties too. These items would not be dusting your purse or shelves.

Take a look….

  • Pepper Spray

This is a legal device which when sprayed causes irritating effect on eyes and skin.The bottle is emptied in 6 sec if sprayed properly till that time guy will be completely sprayed with pepper.

Pepper Spray Pistol
(Pic Source-Trivia.id)
  • Rechargeable Personnel Torchlight Stun Gun with Shock Effect

It is a LED flashlight Stun Gun with the hidden electrical device in it. when the attacker will touch it a huge electrical shock will shake the nerves of attackers and you are safe.

It is an extremely useful device.

(Pic Source - stun-gun-defense-products)
(Pic Source – stun-gun-defense-products)
  • Safety Defense Rod

This is extremely useful telescopic rod for both defense and offensive purpose. They are easy to use and an unmatched device for the rapists, unwanted elements and even voracious dogs.

Safety Defense Rod
(Pic Source-GoShopo)
  • Lipstick Stun gun

When attacker might be jittered that why a woman opened lid of her lipstick, he will be shocked soon. The opinions will change very quickly; the stun gun have 3 million volts to give him a nerve shock along with 180 lumen flashlight which will make him blind.

Lipstick Stun gun
(Pic Source-Youtube)
  • Nirbheek

6 Shot cylinder pistol designed by Ordinance Factories Kanpur, India. This pistol is light weight, black in colour and it is termed as First Women Pistol in India. One cannot keep this pistol without permit and this permit is not easily obtainable.

(Pic Source-The Ladies Finger)

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