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Wonderful Tips for India First Timer

When we think of India, it is often only about Taj Mahal and the chaotic roads, crazy, intoxicating and fantastic.
People of India love life and they welcome tourists but there are some tips which will help who visit India.
If you going to India for the first time, follow these tips as it is going to be handy:

1. Plan a Trip Prior

India is a massive country in terms of population and places; one cannot visit if they are going for few days. So, plan it out, plan the route and the modes of communication too. Rather covering the whole country try to concentrate on either south of India or North of India. Take a tour online or book and make a final short trip of 1 week. If the timings are short upto one week, we are suggesting you one awesome trip…

Delhi, Agra and Jaipur and your trip will be squeezed within a week. Start with Delhi’s Humayaun Tomb, Red Fort and then off to Agra – where you can see Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri and take straight flight to Jaipur which is called PINK CITY, there you can visit Amber fort and shop for gems and traditional artifacts of Jaipur. Take a flight back to Delhi and do all the shopping you are thinking of and your short trip is completed.

(Pic Source - funseasonal.com)
(Pic Source – funseasonal.com)

2. Religious Sites

Temples are everywhere  in India but some are really famous temples like Golden Temple in North, Meenakshi Temple in South, Sun Konark Temple, stunning examples of temples in Hampi, elaborately  decorated white marble Jain temples in Rajasthan and many more.

#Meenakshi Temple

(Pic Source - Fodor's)
(Pic Source – Fodor’s)

3. Beach Magic

Head South for the fabulous beaches and Mumbai go to Chowpatty beach and also Munch Bhel puri – a delicacy of Mumbai and see the serene sunset. Go Goa or Andaman & Nicobar and enjoy the fun loving sea adventures, from the ride on bikes amidst the coconut grooves or simply relaxing on the beach.

(Pic Source - )
(Pic Source – Lonely Planet)

4. Escape Routes

My suggestion is to avoid crowds and also the massively populated places for few days and fuel your soul. Try and explore the interiors of India as they are extremely untouched and beautiful like the Western Ghats in South of India and the interior of the Himachal. After this short breather come to cities as it is going to be fun – fully crowded and thronged streets with the variety of snacks and eateries.

(Pic Source - )
(Pic Source – Holidify)

5. Stay Healthy

Nobody wants to get ill on the trip as sometimes due to eating and drinking. For this avoid tap water and the open foods as the salads, ice creams or any food that is open. If you are buying the open food, try to do the self analysis yourself for the food and see if the flies are hovering around the food then avoid it. Seeker of good food will have some well maintained thali food, apt for your taste buds and more one tip avoid having spicy food.

(Pic Source - Youtube )
(Pic Source – Youtube)

6. Keep Your Eyes and Ears open and Head Cool

Don’t go with the rickshaws wallas or autowallas who take you to specific hotels as their cost of commission will be added to your bills. Try and book prepaid taxi or auto from the traffic police booth. In India, frustrations sores up easily but keep your cool and avoid tussles.

(Pic Source - Deccan Chronicle)
(Pic Source – Deccan Chronicle)

The above mentioned tips which are going to be handy for your India’s first visit.

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