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World Health Day – Depression Theme ‘Let’s Talk’

Today, World Health Day is celebrated all over the world, the key issue which has been on the surface is Depression. So, similar to this, the theme of the World Health Day is Depression : Let’s Talk.

Depression 'Let’s Talk'
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This day will have talks on the mental health and how it affects the overall health of our body. WHO (World Health Organisation) estimates that overall 322 million people are suffering from depression all over the world.

The depression is common in women (5.1%) and men (3.6%) and it seems the real message is lost in the cacophony. So, that’s why today Depression theme has been made and the main agenda is to communicate.

On this day, we are also discussing the signs of depression and it’s possible remedies:

Firstly Signs Of Depression

  • Change on the sleep patterns
  • Lost of appetite
  • Persistent feeling of sadness and worthlessness
  • Lost in interest in any activity that is sports, shopping or any other
  • Not communicating with friends
  • You are in Pain : Depression and pain make you feel the same, be it biological or neurotransmitter patterns. About 75 % of people suffer from the chronic or recurring pain in the body as research shows.

How to Deal with Depression

  • Try to communicate, talk your blues and this will help in relieving your depression.
  • Set Goals: Without goals life will be meaningless and if we have goals then we know where to go and we don’t feel scattered.
  • Exercise releases chemicals from brain endorphin’s, it has long term benefits for the people with depression and gives a boost to immune system too.
  • Eat Healthy: There is no magic, just to eat healthy and you will be less depressed. For the depression free diet, have plenty of green vegetables, lentils and dairy products.
  • Sleep: Depression can have two patterns either prolonged sleep or you are deprived of sleep. If you are deprived of sleep, then you must exercise and incorporate some sleep inducing foods as they are great for it. Increase in sleep will affect the sleep patterns in the proper manner and your depression signs will fade away.

Meanwhile in India, Prime Minister’s programme, Mann ki baat is helping millions of Indians from overcoming depression as the problems are solved by Prime Minister himself.

Overall, the physical exercise is extremely important for the elimination of the depression from our brain and body as it has hazardous effects that includes suicides too.

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