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World Theatre Day 2017

‘All world’s is a stage and all the men and women are merely players’ – Shakespeare

It is show time folks and the stage is set and drama is undertaken and how that drama unfolds lies in the hands of artist. In continuation to that, today is World Theatre Day. It was initiated by International Theatre Institute in 1961.

The world’s most famous play is Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare.

Famous Balcony Scene of Romeo and Juliet

Balcony Scene of Romoe and Juliet
(Pic Source – YouTube)

Today, various national and international events are organised to mark the occasion, similarly in Karnataka and Bangalore, the coffee table book and two special posters depicting the theatrical culture of Karnataka.

Depiction of Karnataka’s theatre till now

Depiction of Karnataka’s theatre till now
(Pic Source – the hindu)

It is going to be trip down the memory lane on this day  and  Department of Kannada and Culture and Karnataka Nataka Academy opening exhibition of 100 rare photographs chronicling the State’s history.

There will be a documentary featured on this for 20 minutes. It is like a bird eye view of the Karnataka theatre. Meanwhile, Indore is also staging a drama in all languages. The most popular will be Hindi and Marathi drama which are extremely popular and also featured every week.

Theatre is enjoyed by all ages but now with the advent of technological advancement and the social media, the real joy of watching theatre on stage has been receded a bit. But I am telling you one truth; the joy of watching the artists performing in front of you is beyond words.

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