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World’s Tastiest Food that Everybody Love to Have

I am talking about taste and only taste, not on Calories or nutritional values, today let’s get SINFUL and indulge in some taste. The food is having fat content but the taste is out of the world. It is essential for the human’s survival and provides nutritional value to the body. Food we consume is from the plant origin or the animal origin and the element it contains is protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals. Food also depends on the demography of the place and the culture too.
Some of the foods that are liked by the whole world and shows on this ONE FRONT WE ARE UNITED are:

1. Pizza: It is eaten and savored by the every age group and irrespective sex, caste or creed. It is a flatbread and topped with tomato sauce and shredded cheese and have various other toppings too. It was invented in NAPLES, Italy and has numerous flavors across the world.

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2. Chocolate: It is a sweet, brown food and made from Theobroma cacao beans are dry roasted or mixed with Vanilla beans and the miracle is prepared. Chocolate is not only for the sweet lovers but it is for all the people in the world. It is one of the most common foods in the world and there are varieties of flavors in the world for the chocolate.

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3. Ice Cream: Ice cream is the frozen sweet dessert; again it is adored by all the people in the world. The base is the milk and cream and inclusions of various other ingredients like nuts, fruits, choco chips and food flavors. It is sweeten with either sucrose syrup, cane sugar, beet sugar or other ingredients. Availability of frozen custards, jellies and other things are available but ice cream has no comparison.

Ice Cream
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4. Steak: It is also one of the world’s most famous foods and loved by the people around the world. Steaks are usually grilled and later broiled or pan – fried and then cooked in the sauce.

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5. Cheese Cake: Cheese cake is the multi layered cake and it is also the scrumptious cake in the world. The bottom layer of the cake is of crushed cookies i.e. graham crackers or any cookies and this makes a thin crust, sponge cake and cream cheese. It can be cooked or refrigerated, this is sweetened cake and topped with layers of fruits, nuts, whipped cream and chocolate syrup .

Cheese Cake
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