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Zera Food Recycler – Converts Kitchen Waste into Manure

There are numerous recycling plants in the world, which are operated by the Municipal Co – operations of the cities but no recycling gadget, is so luxurious than the Zera Food Recycler. People were having a conventional way of making fertilizer out of food leftovers and it was a  tedious and smelling task . The result of that old fashioned food decomposer and making that it makes kitchen garden into the stinky place.

The area in the apartments, these days are small and we don’t have option for the open decomposer, as it catches on the space also.

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There is one new product launched  by Whirlpool, Zera Food Recycler and this could be a possible remedy for the kitchen waste as it turns the food scraps into rich fertilizers.

Days of groceries and some of it goes to trash, now you have Zera food recycler which will convert it manure.

Now, let’s see the working part , throw all your scrap food into the chute but avoid putting bones as it is too hard for the blades, now just put all the leftover foods into it and it shreds into the tiny pieces.

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Then for the further breakdown, no stinky smell is there as Zera has carbon filter installed in it and a plant based additive – which makes breakdown process smoother. The composition of the additive is of coconut husk and baking soda and it aids in the breakdown process. The combination of oxygen, leftover food scraps, moisture, heat and agitator makes a freshly made manure for your kitchen garden.

Zera has a mobile app also which makes you easy to understand,  the process of making manure from it.

Currently, it is retailed at $1,199 later this year as this one is the only prototype, Whirlpool, has manufactured.

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